The Marine

Starring John Cena, The Marine is being released in cinemas March 1st, probably to close again by about the 4th.  If I’d bothered to check iMDB, which rated this stinker 4.2 out of 10, before watching my "review copy", I never would have bothered with this awful movie.

You see, this is a WWE movie, and John Cena is a professional wrestler.  (He actually does a good acting job, considering – not nearly as wooden as you might expect, but this is faint praise indeed.)

The only even remotely good thing about it was Anthony Ray Parker’s role as a psychopathic criminal, and he only counts as a good thing because #1 his character’s name is Morgan and #2 he lived and worked in NZ for such a long time.

Really just don’t.  I’m not kidding.   Not even if it’s free.