Another Jason Statham action movie, released in cinemas late last year, and coming to DVD any day now.

Crank sees Statham’s character Chev (a low life hitman, trying to get out of the game to be with his dizzy/hot girlfriend Eve) poisoned with a slow acting Chinese-made synthetic toxin, the only remedy?  Adrenaline.  Oh, also every pill he can get his hands on, cocaine off a bar toilet floor, a hefty dose of Red Bull product placement, lots of shooting and bare-assed-hospital-gown-police-motorcycle-jacking, and high-speed car chasing through a mall, blow job (no happy ending) while being pursued by crazy Latino gangsters shooting the hell out of his girlfriend’s car fun.

Plenty of great characters, but I especially liked Dwight Yoakam as Statham’s doctor.

Much better than Statham’s 2002 vehicle The Transporter (the longest BMW commercial you’ll ever see), but perhaps that isn’t saying much.  If you can’t completely suspend your disbelief, you’ll hate it. 

Definitely low brow.  Definitely a good time.  Definitely urinary sphincter.

Now with added ( o Y o ).