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Now, if you didn’t take my strong advice to start watching Heroes last friggin’ year, you’ve just lost any possible excuse you may have previously had – it starts playing on TV2 TV3 in a couple of weeks.

If you’ve seen the TV adverts, you will have thought it looked like rubbish, but that’s just because TVNZ TV3 (just like TVNZ, who have excelled themselves this season by acquiring the most craptacular show of 2006 – friggin’ Torchwood) is entirely populated by idiots and they appear to have not even bothered watching any episodes before they cut the adverts together.

They’ve managed to make what was quite possibly the best new TV show of last year look like crappy old crap.

Anyway, watch it.  The first episode is weird, but stick with it.

3 thoughts on “Heroes

  1. You’re right, I guess I managed that because TVNZ are so good at fucking things up, and that advert sure seemed to be fucking Heroes. Anyway it’s not a diet/renovation/re-run of a show that was on TV2 10 years ago show, so I thought it couldn’t possibly be a TV3 show. I fixed the post.

    Okay, I need to fess up. I don’t actually watch TV on TV anymore, so they’ve all kind of blended into one awful goddamn advertising riddled cluster fuck, and I just can’t really tell them apart anymore.

  2. Re the last paragraph. That’s my situation too. It’s much more enjoyable to pick and choose TV that I want to see, at watch it when it’s convenient for me.

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