No business is good business.

So I continue to turn work away from the business, and it feels good.  (And a little like money is pouring between my outstretched finger tips, which might make me sad if it wasn’t being replaced with time to enjoy myself.)

My last big launch for now is the ASB Classic site, it all went off pretty well – considering I had to shift the site to a server I got in the States at the last minute.  And they added a bunch of new features this year, including a podcast and live scoring.

Speaking of live scoring, I also had to install a wireless network to make the system work – the international umpires all use a custom app on wifi enabled PDAs which talk through the network to a reflector server I installed on site, which refeeds all of the match and scoring data to a third party server overseas.

(I used a sweet Senao radio, with POE, nice outdoor enclosure and a big antenna.  I’ve never seen 802.11b/g with such good signal strength over such a large area.)