I know the hair makes you look different, but, didn’t you used to be more gold coloured?

The end of Stargate Atlantis season 2 (which I must say felt pretty abrupt, guess we’ll see what comes down the track in season 3) has lead me back into the fold of Wormhole X-treme!  I mean, uh, Stargate SG1.  I’m watching Season 8 right now, and it features what might very well be the finest ever recap episode: ‘Citizen Joe’ (ep 15).  Funny, sweet, in-jokes & ffan references galore (which while protesting any attempt to label me a fanboy, I still noticed and enjoyed – in my humble opinion, there is a huge difference between a fan and a fanboy, maybe I’ll go into it some time).

Stargate really does kick a whole lot of arse, and heading back into SG1 has really reminded me how much is missing from Atlantis.

I’ve also been watching some Babylon 5 lately, I’m not quite sure what to make of it, I’d caught a couple of episodes before, and my first thoughts on popping the first DVD was "this is rubbish, what’d they use for the graphics, a Commodore 64?" and similar thoughts, it’s hard to watch SF created in 1993.  I might skip ahead a season or so and see if it catches me.

Surprisingly, the alien makeup in B5 is still better than in Stargate Atlantis – which is quite an achievement for a show well over a decade old.

We’ve watched maybe 5 or 6 episodes of Invasion, and it kicks the arse off Surface.  I mean, really.  It just goes to show, if you want to make a TV series that doesn’t suck, hire actual actors.  Probably a good idea not to have cute little aliens on screen as well.  If for some reason they bother making a second season of Surface, I’ve got a good feeling I’m not going to be watching it.

Lastly, I got a cheque from the Ministry of Justice today, how many people can say that?  (Ok, the answer is hundreds, but you know.)