My ricey lunch.

So, I’ve been known to give off a bit of a false impression of myself through this site, and my dietary habits are one of the things I’m most prone to lying about, so today I present my most common lunch.  (Well, aside from something like toast.)

Rice with tuna and furikake.  Furikake is a Japanese seasoning sprinkle, full of lovely things like dried bonito, sesame seeds, sugar, seaweed, bean powder, and egg.

My rice method requires fairly accurate measurements.  If you follow the instructions everything will work out just fine.

  • 1/2 cup of rice.
  • 1 cup of cold water.
  • A little oil.
  • Tuna (or a hard boiled egg or two, if you prefer).
  • Furikake.

Heat oil in a pot, rinse rice under the tap (I put it in a sieve) then drain as well as you can before dumping in the pot.  Stir around in the pot with a wooden spoon while it sizzles up a bit.
Rice sizzling in the pot.

Pour in the water, stir it around well, get all the rice off the sides of the pot, scrape the wooden spoon around to make sure none of the rice is stuck to the bottom.
Add the water and stir the rice in well.

Put the lid on the pot, wait until it comes up to the boil, then turn the heat right down, below low if you can, really just keep it so it’s barely on.  Now leave it alone.  Don’t take the lid off.  Don’t stir it.  Don’t even look at it.  Set a timer for 15 minutes, and try to avoid even thinking about it.  You see, your sizzingly and boiling were really just a practical majick to entice kind hearted spirits into your pot, they do the job of the cooking and puffing up of the rice, and if you bother them, they’ll all run away.
Cover the pot and leave to boil undisturbed for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, the kind spirits will drink up all the water, and leave, you’ll find a bunch of little holes, that’s where the spirits were lying while they did their work.  Stir the rice up so any excess moisture on the rice steams off.  Unless you cheated (or estimated, against my advice) your water & rice quantities, there will be no spare water in the bottom of the pot.
The rice will look nice and puffed when it's cooked, with no spare water left in the pot.

Put as much of the rice in a bowl (or on a plate) as you want to eat, all of it makes a very filling lunch for a big lad.  Add some chunks of tuna on top.
Add some chunk of tuna.  Oily is better than briney.

Got your favourite furikake?  I’ve got mine.  Chilli flavour.  Awww yeah.
Got your favourite furikake? Good, now is the time to sprinkle it on.

Sprinkle on as much as you like.  I get about 5 meals from a pouch.
Yum.  Stir it in a bit, and you're good to go.

Mix everything up a bit, and it’s ready to eat.  And so good.
It's some good stuff.