World famous in New Zealand.

With the kind assistance of the second youngest Mr Reeve, I can proudly present to you the video of ‘my’ thing on 3 News.

Everyone who saw my extended appearance on the old TV show The Drum knows that if I talk too much, I say things I completely don’t mean, and regret it for years (it would have helped if the ever lovely Jennifer Weathercenter hadn’t asked such exclusively stupid questions).

Now, well, it turns out that if you do exactly what you’re told, you just end up being boring, and probably regret it a little bit then too.

One day I’ll do it all exactly how I want, and then I’ll be happy.

This first one is just the teaser bit, which features Claire, she didn’t speak on camera, but made a much better performance when she was interviewed for Radio Live than I ended up doing for TV3.

I didn’t put it up sooner, ‘cos I had to sort out a weird problem with the player completely messing up my whole page.

And this is the whole thing as played on TV3, I’m only on for like 8 seconds.

I don’t know where that line about seeing everything came from, I didn’t see everything, I never ever said I saw everything.  I heard the crash, I saw the car and driver go around the corner, then I saw the kid on the ground.  I didn’t see the crash, I didn’t see the kid flying through the air, or anything else.