National Radio vs. The Monkey

Today we’re doing it with audio, please forgive the experiment.  Let me know if you like the format.

(Click the image to listen.  You must have the flash plugin.)

My point with the email was, I guess, that I’m a New Zealander, this is my home – the only home I’ve ever known. And saying that Maori have been here forever is not only wrong, in some ways it’s used as an exclusionary tactic to say "we belong here, this is our land, you’re just out guest". Because the reality is that they had a head start of just 500 years, which sounds like a long time, and it is, but it’s nothing like the tens of thousands of years that are sometimes claimed.

All of the peoples in New Zealand came from somewhere else, and in this sense there are no true natives, not Maori, not Pakeha.

The point of posting it here today is less clear.  But I hope you liked it all the same.

4 thoughts on “National Radio vs. The Monkey

  1. It’s like having Morgan in my house – but with volume control.

  2. Well yeah, but I can’t stand that host, how can you listen to that show he does. Why is that guy so annoying anyway? Maybe he should stick with the backyard make over shows on TV…

    The guy that does nights is almost unbearable sometimes, he does the worst interviews….

    Media watch is the best listening… If only TVNZ could be as good as RNZ tho.

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