Battle of the sexists.

It appears the police have found the car used in the hit and run, and the driver, it turns out, might have been a woman.

My first thought, while I was watching the car drive off, was that it was a guy, I got a quick look at the side of the head, and I saw the hair and such (which was mid length, so fairly long for most guys) but I guess my built in prejudice for who is most likely to do a hit-and-run might have tricked me into thinking it must be a guy.

If you don’t recall, this is what I said in my first post on the matter:

"(I only had a brief glimpse of the driver as he hauled ass off down the road – not even pausing or looking in his rear vision mirror), it looked like a white man, maybe in his 20s with blonde or light brown hair, reasonably slim, possibly wearing a check shirt, and with longish hair (not shoulder length, but longer than most) which might mean it was a woman, but who knows." – Morgan Nichol, October 15, 2005.

But the reality is that, as far as I know, the only person who said the driver was a woman right from the beginning was, tada, Claire – she said the driver sat like a woman.

But me? I always thought it was a man, and only had real doubts after Claire said what she thought, and after that – I was really full of the doubt.  (If you watched my brief appearance on 3 News, you’ll have noticed I didn’t say it was a man or woman, that’s how unsure I was.)

As long as they get the driver, right?