Uh-oh, I’m in trouble again.

So it turns out if you decide to have a wine or two with dinner, and then decide to have another couple, and don’t bother with a glass, and then finish the bottle.  Well…  It turns out you get mean looks and unkind words.

So, I’m in trouble again.

A long time ago, when we lived on Fourth Ave in Kingsland, we used to get kebabs from Great Northern Kebabs, and they were super good, I had a great relationship with the owner, he was a good guy, who always seemed to be fathering more and more children, anyway, he was a cool, nice, genuine guy, and he made the nicest lamb on rice, and really super nice spinach borek, and for a long time he made moussaka and it was really really good, but then the price of aubergine went up, and he stopped.  Blah blah,  So he sold the place to some other guy, and he’s also friendly and nice, but I never really bothered to talk to him too much as we moved, and I stopped going there every week.  We went there tonight, just on a quest to find something different, and it was ok I guess.  It tastes clean and fresh, but it also tasted really bland.  Claire ended up having to get out the sweet chilli from the fridge, and I liberally coated mine with tomato sauce.  Still, nice fresh tasting bland stuff is better than nasty-ass cheap ‘ol sick making rotten d-cert hygiene rating stuff.

They just had a Macleans toothbrush advert on TV and I got in trouble again, some big tall basketball player comes over and helps a short girl get stuff out of her up-high mailbox and the voiceover says "now with Macleans whatever the fuck, no place is hard to get to," so I said "are they talking about her vagina?" and claire stabbed me in the hand with a pen. Ouchie.

What was I saying?  Oh yeah, don’t drink a bottle of $7 wine.  You’ll get in trouble, then write a seemingly endless website update, then get in trouble and stabbed with a pen, then write even more on your website, then start talking about The 4400.

So, the 4400, is it good?  I’m still not sure.  Some of the characters are cool, I like the skinny black guy, but I can’t remember his eerie power, I seem to have some recollection of it being awesome fighty toughness, but his power might be the power to be really vulnerable like any other human man

There don’t seem to be many of the 4400 with the power of exploding the fuck out of your body, which is disappointing, maybe that’ll happen if ratings flag.

Would you watch that?

Be even more impressive than the power to make your ears sting.  Or the power to make fruit ripe.  Oooooh, ripe fruit

I’d better go now.  Thanks.