The day after.

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After last nights hit and run incident, our little corner of suburbia has turned into a popular place for journalists and gawkers, the (really nice and professional and gigantic) senior officer from last night did a standup in front of the kid’s house this afternoon, TV3 were there before I noticed anyone else, TVNZ came last, even after the radio and newspaper journos, and left first.  I think if TVNZ wants to know why their news viewership is dropping, they should think carefully about what being last on scene and first to leave means.

Journalists surround police officer.

Claire gave a quick interview to a nice young woman from Radio Live (which I think is Radio Pacific in drag, but who can be certain), then I did a standup with Alastair Wilkinson from TV3, unfortunately the format of television news meant I wasn’t able to be compelling or entertaining, and he kept having to ask me the same question and emphasised that I be as succinct as possible.  It turns out I’m not great at being both succinct and interesting, but as far as I saw I was the only witness willing to be interviewed, so I guess I’ll probably be on 3 News tonight.

Alasatair Wilkinson from TV3, in the background is the nice young lady from Radio Live.

It sounds like the police don’t have a super lot to go on, there must be hundreds, if not thousands of grey eighties four doors on Auckland’s roads, and how many white people do you think are driving them?  With any luck, one of the bastards semi-friends will see the damage on his car and do the right thing.

We spoke to the little boys grandfather, Garth, and he was very grateful that we were able to comfort his little boy last night, I told him I did what I could.  And it really wasn’t much, all I could do was stop people trying to move the boy and talk to him, so that’s what I did.  Dylan took his pulse ‘cos he could do that.  There were a lot of people on the street, many of them just watching, but a lot were helping, trying to make traffic go around us carefully, and so forth.

Blood on the road.

I guess the police missed the blood stains when they were marking out all the impact debris last night, I don’t really know how they use what they’ve got to recreate the accident, what they circled with spray paint just seems to arbitrary, why circle this bit of glass and not that bit?  And was the bit you circled moved by the throng of people on the road before you arrived?

Accident debris road markings.