More police; parents suddenly take a greater interest in road safety.

The police came back after the media were done, blocked off the road again, and started taking measurements of all the debris, taking photos and such.

Senior sergent taking photos of scene.

I pointed out where the blood was on the road (it still hadn’t been marked) and the nice young lady officer duly marked and noted it, measuring it relative to the other debris.

Newly marked blood spatter, and measuring out the road.

We’ve been gardening a lot today, we’re having some more friends over for dinner tonight, so we’ve been able to watch everyone going by, it’s quite funny how so many of the parents with children are being really obviously careful, one woman with her daughter looking left and right and left and right and left and right then crossing by the police car, even though the road was closed and she was crossing by road cones and a police car.

I caught this lady having trouble getting her son to adhere to her new road safety regime, he was not keen on having his hand held, she sorted him out in the end.

Garth, police, and a naughty boy in the background.

That’s Garth, the little boy’s grandfather, by the senior sergeant.