Diagnosis : Chronic Heart Disease

Today I made a "Diagnosis: Chronic Heart Disease," it was delicious, you see a "Diagnosis: Chronic Heart Disease," is a new kind of sandwich I’ve invented, I call it that to plainly illustrate how very healthy it is.

I’m pretty sure it’s safe for vegans and Jews (I’m pretty sure the three different kinds of pork cancel each other out, right?). But I’m not sure about Muslims – I think Allah dictates that all sandwiches should have an olive stuch to the top with a toothpick. I guess that’d be called a "Diagnosis: Chronic Heart Disease (with bonus Halal olive)."

They say a picture is worth a thousand calories, I reckon this one must be worth 5 times that much.

They were awesome. I couldn’t even eat my dinner tonight. I was that full, just all day. I’m still full now. Oh my Bully!

Oh, if you want to make your own "Diagnosis: Chronic Heart Disease," here are the ingredients:

  1. Awesome delicious grainy bread.
  2. Spread of your choice (I used canola).
  3. American style mayonaise.
  4. Half a sausage (cut once length-wise)
  5. 2 slices of spicey salami.
  6. 1 & a half crispy rashers of bacon
  7. Fried egg.
  8. Aged cheddar
  9. Thick & Rich Watties Tomato Sauce.
  10. Optional: olive on a toothpick.

George could see I was distressed and decided I needed comforting. He’s such a sweet, handsome, love.