In Which I Eat Skin.

General, Reckons

Today — following yesterday’s adventures with pork — I decided to try and find some other wonderful form to enjoy, and I found it.

Have you ever wanted to have hot crispy microwaveable puffed up animal skin as a snack? Well, sweet! Me too!

Get thee to your supermarket, go to the microwave popcorn section and think positive thoughts, if you’re lucky they’ll also have boxes of microwave pork rinds!!!

Can you imagine a more Homer Simpson’ish snack to enjoy while watching TV? (Well, yes, they’re actually relatively low fat… You know, if what you’re comparing them to is pork cooked in a deep fryer.)

There’s actually surprisingly little in each bag, so it’s not like you’re gorging yourself, just try to forget that you’re eating skin. As a snack. Skin. From an animal. You know, skin, that stuff you have all over your body? This is the same thing.

Here is a photo of Eddie to take your mind off things, a few weeks ago she decided to take up Catarate in order to learn how to kick George’s ass… I caught a snap of her practicing her forms in the back yard, she’s pretty good for a beginner.

I hope nobody tells her I’ve been training George in Kung Pow for the last 3 years, she’s gonna get a big surprise when he uses his Invincible Fist Style. It’s going to be awesome!