Stargate Atlantis Geekathon.

I had a bit of a Stargate jones, so I decided to have a bit of a binge and got Season 1 of Stargate Atlantis, I’d heard really good things about it, but of course it hasn’t been on TV here yet.

I might have accidentally watched it all through Sunday night & Monday. Yeah, all 20 hour-long episodes, from start to finish. Oops.

It’s really good, I don’t know if you have to like Stargate already, but I’m sure it helps a lot.

Of course there are problems with it (I’m not a fatuous fanboy, I swear.)

The Wraith could use better makeup, to start with. And it’d probably be good if Sheppard wasn’t such a carbon copy of O’neil, but jeeze he’s good at it.

Oh, but the Czech science guy Dr. Zalenka, he rawks. I like the way he & Dr. McKay (who is also completely awesome) rub up against each other.

Ahh, and Ford, not only is he hot enough to turn me, but listen to his awesome voice, if you close your eyes you can almost imagine that it’s Jason Mewes — Jay the only cool character from "Jay & Silent Bob : Kevin Smith is Really Really Over-Rated part 4 (now with more cock-sucking-jokes and Star Wars references, and my big-eared skinny wife in tight-tight-tight pants. By the way I like to stroke my cock, read all about it on my blog, which my publicisit told me was a good idea to get more suckers to watch my shitty movies.)," which is a really long, but surprisingly honest movie name — and that’s cool, thinking about Jay sneaking off to the Jumper hangar, smoking weed, smoking weed, and drinking beers beers beers.

I think the whiny nerd looking science guy (I don’t remember his name, the one with the pony-tail) is also real cool, in his own horrible way, especially with the way he keeps popping up to whine. That’s so realistic. Every office over a certain size gets at least one really whiny bitch. If only they had an airlock they could stuff him in. "Put this in your Geneva Convention report, biatch." *pssssshhhhhht*

Least fav character? At the moment Probably Weir the administrator/governor. But only because of their repeatedly use of her as the guy that always has to think very carefully about Sheppard/McKay’s latest plan before saying "Ok, go," every… single… time.

But what would I be like if I was 350,000,000 light years from home, and the coffee just ran out? And all the hot chicks seem to be dying of ancient (as opposed to Ancient) nano-viruses? I don’t know. But I’d definitely want one of the security guys to teach me how to shoot aliens in the face.

So much sploding and shootifying!
So much CG!
Such an annoying cliffhanger!