Today I went to the dentist, this is a common occurence for most people, and it used to be for me as well, but for whatever reason, I hadn’t been since 1999. That’s right, 6 years. And when I recently noticed a rough patch on my lower right molar with my tongue, I thought "holy fuck, if it’s big enough to feel, it’s probaby big enough to drill a hole right through my wallet." I sucked up all my courage through a straw — mixed with Schweppes Dry Ginger Ale — and made a booking.

Anyway, it turns out that after 6 years of brushing once a day… I have no cavities, and nothing of concern whatsoever, and that huge rust bubble feeling hole I thought I had discovered is actually about .2mm of enamel I’ve managed to grind off through subconcious stress related posturing – it’s absolutely nothing either.

So, I win. $45 for 6 years of dental care is wayyyy ahead of the curve, don’t you think?

To celebrate I bought 4 bottles of merlot, and booked myself in for a horrible ripoff of a tooth polishing session with the "hygienist."