Making Ong-bak Readable.

You’ve heard of Ong-bak, right? It’s the cool martial arts movie from a year or two ago which featured… No wire work… No CG… And the main guy doing all his stunts, on screen, and with slow motion shots from multiple angles to prove that this dude just did actually run along, run up a guys chest, then stomp on his shoulder and the shoulders and heads of all his fellow baddies, running over this crowd of guys, then jumping over cars, flipping off this and that, and generally being utterly hard core and awesome.

Anyway, the thing is, it’s all in Thai, and the subtitles I’ve seen weren’t all that hot, full of that characteristically bad English you expect from subtitles, so I did what everyone who should be working on paying projects did and rewrote them. So, I present to you a nice set of subs, I’m sure they aren’t perfect (I left some of the cheesy dialog in there, just because, indeed I didn’t make any changes in the first 5 odd minutes), but they are now way more readable, and don’t distract from the actual story.

Ong-bak (2003) English subtitles.

You’re free to download and use these subtitles as you wish. Just unzip the .SRT file into the folder with the video file before starting your player. In VLC go to the Video menu, then hit Subtitle Track, then choose it from the list (probably Track 1). I’m sure they work with other video players, but I only really use VLC, so you might need to read the help files if it doesn’t work like this in your player.

Let me know if you use them and like them, or don’t like them, or don’t understand what I’m talking about.

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