I demand to live!

General, Reckons

I’m happy to find myself on the weird Right of American politics for once, this whole ‘starving to death’ thing with Terry Schiavo, I don’t understand it, how can anyone in their right mind not consider this murder? Why are those on the left so keen to see her dead?

She can breath unassisted, her heart beats of it’s own accord, and I’ve seen footage on TV of her responding to external stimulus, so how can she be considered brain dead? (some people have claimed she is as justification for her murder)… How can she even be considered to be in a persistent vegetative state? Now, I’m not a doctor of any kind, not even Theology, but I’ve seen documentaries about PVS, and as far as I can recall, all of the sufferers of PVS where in the deepest of deep "comas", they didn’t look around, move around, or anything.

So what the hell is going on? Is the footage I’ve seen faked? Am I missing some vital piece of information?

Anyway, this seems as good an opportunity as any to say: if I’m ever messed up real bad and not able to talk for myself, I want heroic measures, I want to be resuscitated, I want all the machines in the room TURNED ON. I want the machine that goes PING. I want breathing stuff, drugs of all kinds, I’ll be happy to be part of a trial. I don’t want to be given up on.

So, if any of you ever hear I’m in hospital, check that I’m having all measures taken. I want to be unreasonable about this. If I have to sleep for 70 years, then finally die of being really really old, so be it.

Don’t turn off the machines.

Don’t pull out any tubes.

Don’t hold back on any treatments or therapies.

Also, make sure, if I’m in an apparent coma, or PVS, or something, that I at least have a nice radio to listen to. Ideally a wide variety of talking books on a lot of subjects, fiction, sf, documentaries, physics, astronomy, anything. When I don’t have a book to listen to, please give me good news / talk radio; I like National Radio until 1pm, but please no Wayne’s Music. When it’s late at night, turn it down (but not off) so I can sleep if I need to.

Talk to me in soothing tones, touch my hand, rub my face, tell me everything is going to be alright, give me a kiss when you leave, tell me when you’ll be back.

I’m counting on you to help me with this.