Skol Super. Skifun.

Beer, General, Reckons

Another beer, Skol Super.

Also, I’m very excited about skiing, possibly going next weekend, though I hadn’t been planning on going until I got my new car. Seems we might go with a couple of our friends. This is going to force me out of my National Park comfort zone and all the way over to Ohakune. I’ve stayed there a few times before, of course, but I’ve found that National Park is simply a better place, and being close to Whakapapa — which is of course the best field on the mountain — makes it even better. Ahh well, I guess I’ll just have to re-learn the runs on Turoa. This is probably a good thing. Hope the weather is good.

It’s going to be good fun, especially the ‘teaching Hot how to skiboard’ bit.

Speaking of Red, she wanted to do something today, so we headed out to sunny Huia to check out the dam, then took a nice cruise along Scenic Drive and down to Te Henga where George had a great time running in the surf and playing with all the other happy little doggies.