Up for it. If you know what I mean.

I couldn’t help but enjoy the movie (Spider Man 2), even the schmaltzy bit on the train. Hated the whole justification for Ock’s arms, though… That whole fusion thing was just awful "yes, I push the ‘solar flares’ back into the sun with my hands, it’s the best way, we couldn’t possibly have just built a fucking shell made out of the material the arms are made of, don’t be fucking ridiculous, look, exactly which one of us is a pretend physicist, and who is just a small business owner?"

Also, I don’t think they should let that awful soft hack Stan Lee have any more cameos. It’s annoying, even if this time he’s kept to just a fraction of a second.

Oh, and two things that occurred to me watching the trailers for Catwoman & Hellboy. Firstly, Hellboy actually looks almost good compared to previous impressions I’d gotten, though Hellboy’s makeup doesn’t look like it could possibly be attached to anything real, it looks hollow… Entirely insubstantial. And Catwoman just looks simply awful, didn’t they learn any lessons from Batman? Big animal ears on a characters cowl look fucking stupid.

Finally, Peter should have tapped that hot (okay, gangly and a bit too skinny, but you know, she had personality) tall blonde chick, she was totally up for it. If you know what I mean.