Hot BBQ Action

Had another nice BBQ with the couple tonight (David & Laura) featuring snapper (which I made even more delicious with a marinade of lemon & ginger), chorizo sausage, Limoncello di Capri (very nice), and a few bottles of Corona – oh, and of course the usual suspects of potatoes (with butter and rosemary) and a nice salad with a balsamic vinaigrette, and some sort of bread things.

Preceded by some sort of excellent corn chips and hummus / red pesto / etc, and followed by dessert featuring strawberries, cream & christmas pudding for them, and icecream for me. I’m not a fan of puddings.

After our meal we went for a nice walk through Balmoral and down to have a look at the new Satya in Sandringham. The couple walk very very slowly.

On an unrelated note, Claire has created a wonderful sunny new office in the sunroom, leaving me with a lot more space, so I’ve changed my layout, so much room, it’s wonderful, so now I’ll fill it with a bunch of crap. 🙂

(I see a new desk and perhaps another wonderful big LCD screen on the horizon.)