Pre-Christmas Dinner, Drinks.

General, Reckons

The other night we had our most successful pre-Christmas/Mammonmas dinner so far, with a few people over for a wonderful meal — and some wonderful drinks made with 42 Below vodka (given to me by one of my clients), apparently one of the best in the world — made in New Zealand, whats more. Wellington, sadly. Oh, we had some bubbles as well as the voddy, of course.

David enjoys ravioli, and pulling faces.

Started with breads & dips (from David and Laura), with the cunning addition by Claire of some of the wonderful, delicious, rosemary & feta dip from a Mt Eden deli, it is, quite simply, perfect.

Main of a couple of variants of ravioli, with a couple of kinds of sauce, salad (from Loo-loo & Karl), and some sort of chili bread thing (which was also wonderful).

Claire, being hot.

Then dessert: various fruits and berries, served in a biscuity wafer bowl with cream & ice cream, followed by coffee with espresso biscuits (as made by Claire, starshaped and dipped in melted chocolate), and a cheese board for anyone not already stuffed.

Karl, sitting down to be less of a tall’un.

We feel horribly mean, in some ways, now anyone inviting us for dinner has an almost insurmountable effort in order to top us. Welcome to try, as many times as you like.