The Matrix : Revolutions

We went out to see The Matrix Revolutions this morning (first session started at 3 AM, you see). The megascreen was definitely the place for it, it’s been interesting to see the "reviews" posted by a lot of armchair critics, basically panning it, but with so much hyperbole, so much venom, that it’s clear they had their eyes shut for much of the time for fear of it being good.

It’s quite funny that some people think that to critique something you have to be negative, but only when it’s not being sad.

The truth is that Revolutions pretty much hits the mark, ties up all the loose ends it needs to, and, importantly, picks up the pace greatly from where much of Reloaded languished.

It must be clear that it exceeded my expectations, which is always a good thing. Whether it exceeded your expectations, I care not a whit.

Lastly (you hope) I think the movies are fully cohesive only when viewed as a whole, so for example, if you don’t immediately recognise (The) Kid, and know his unique origins, you don’t have a high quality perspective on any part of Reloaded or Revolutions, IMHO.