Another thing, we (Hot & myself) went to the new Britomart transit hub yesterday, it isn’t finished, but what we could see was really pretty cool. It’s a huge space, fun rainbow lights on the walls, and awesome big skylights – including one which is in the middle of a fountain. When it’s all finished off it’ll be a very cool place.

I’ve heard that it’s the only underground train terminal in the world which is entirely service by diesel trains. This sounds like a bad idea to me, but perhaps it’s why they have such giant sized aircon towers.

We have a train station near our house (though far enough away to be inconvenient), I don’t work in the city, but Hot & I agree that having cool infrastructure might be what it took to get us on the trains.

If the trains were as cool as the new trains Virgin is putting into service in the UK, that would be a big bonus, they have cool laptop power points, quiet zones, bars, etc. Though even my laptop would last the 15 minute journey into the city without the use of a power point, so perhaps it’s a useless feature.