Corn Syzrup.

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I don’t know if I mentioned it at the time, but a while ago I pretty much gave up softdrinks. I still have the occasional glass, for example if I’m at a party and not drinking alcamahol, but they don’t have any juice. Or if I’m at the movies and want a drink. But I certainly don’t do what I was doing, and drink a 2.25l bottle while sitting in my office.

Anyway, since then I think my body has been desperate to find new sources of sugar (in huge quantities, ie. what it was used to when I was drinking stupid amounts of vanilla coke, etc).

And I think it has found a good one thanks to little miss – lemon curd.

I remember being at camp, when I was about 11, watching kids butter their toast, then pour on a thick layer of white sugar, this is sort of like that, only lemon flavoured, and designed for spreading.

Maybe I should just go back to the L&P, Fanta, &c.