Bethells. Bodysurfing. Bluebottles. BBQ. Better big bangs.

Went out to Bethells with young Dylan again yesterday, good fun… Took my new bodyboard and played with that a bit, and also did some bodysurfing… Clever Dylan managed to get himself stung by a bluebottle, was quite cool, left a trail of about 20 or so venom sacks stuck on his back. Pretty.

Later a quiet BBQ… Then off out to the Chinese Lantern Festival in Albert Park, that was pretty crowded, and good fun watching the fireworks, they opted for crazy-wall-of-light-and-noise-that-lasts-for-ages over the more popular gigantic-explosions-every-now-and-then, much better than last years occasional-fizzery-bang-in-the-sky.

All good fun.