Over to Palmerston North, then out to Castle Point.

Sunburned heads don’t feel or look nice, but at least my one was earned in a nice way.

After picking up my mother from the airport at Palmerston North, and dropping her back to Te Hawera, we took the drive out to Castle Point today, lots of gravel roads on the way out, as we took the back roads way, it was great… Including little red braking to a halt so she didn’t have to drive over a pair of dead possums strategically placed on the road (I only got a picture of one of them).

Castle Point itself was quite spectacular, it’s a really nice beach – and as its really quite out of the way, it’s not over run by stupid bastards getting in my way. It’s also got a lighthouse up on the point, and very nicely maintained pathways etc for people who want to get up there and check out the views – which we did. YUM!!!

New Zealand Kicks Ass!!!