Trident – Singapore Soft Noodles

Trident Singapore Soft Noodles

Country: Malaysia
Flavour: ?. Two flavour sachets: dry base (sugar, salt, ‘spices’, shellfish powder), oil (chili, garlic, onion, sesame, palm).
Size: 85g
From: Foodtown
Price: $0.80.

Another dry noodle from Trident, the noodle cake is prepared in the standard way with boiling water, then drained before adding the dry & oily flavour sachets.

The noodles are fairly thin, and have some substance to the bite.

The smell is quite pleasant, something warm. Flavour is quite salty, savory.  Quite moreish, and with a hint of chili. A touch of oiliness over the palate.

Awful sounding copy from the packet: "Warning: Contains Sesame Oil and Crustacea." You don’t have to be allergic to shellfish to think that ‘crustacea’ sounds like something you don’t want to put in your mouth, do you?

Rating: Noodles 3/5, soup* 3.5/5. Overall 6.5/10.

Nutrition Information
  Average per serving (85g)
Energy 1,735kJ
Protein 9.0g
Fat – Total 19g
– Saturated 9.0g
Carbohydrate 51g
– Sugars 1.0g
Sodium 1173mg

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