Trident – Chow Mein Soft Noodles

Trident Chow Mein Soft Noodles

Country: Malaysia
Flavour: Chow mein. Two sachets: soup base (sugar, salt, imitation oyster, ‘spices’); oil (chilli oil, onion oil, sesame oil, palm oil).
Size: 85g.
From: Foodtown.
Price: $0.70.

The most obvious thing that strikes upon opening tha packet is that these noodles are ‘broad’ rather than the normal form factor of packet noodles.

Once again from Trident these noodles are served ‘dry’ with the boiling water drained off before any flavourings are added.

The flavouring is immediately oily, savoury, with only the slightest hint of the chilli, sesame is obvious.  Mouthfeel is remarkably creamy.

Really quite tasty. Though they seem to have a tendency to leave your mouth with a coating of oil.

Rating: Noodles 3.5/5, soup* 3/5. Overall 6.5/10.

* Not really soup, perhaps flavouring, if you will.

Nutrition Information
  Average per 170g serving.
Energy 1735kJ
Protein 9.0g
Fat – Total 20g
– Saturated 8.0g
Carbohydrate 50g
– Sugars 2.0g
Sodium 1080mg

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