Paldo – Gomtang

Paldo Gomtang

Country: Korea.
Flavour: Gomtang.
Size: 115g.
From: These noodles were received as a gift.
Price: $free.

I was shocked – shocked! – to find only a single flavour sachet included in this packet, some sort of paste that came out in a weak brownish goop.

Preperation is normal, boil noodles and flavour paste in about half a litre of water.

They look really boring, the soup looks like extremely thin grey water.

On the packet there is an instruction to "add the kimchi , if you like and enjoy yourself."  Well, I would, but there isn’t any kimchi in the packet.

The smell is slightly garlicky, slightly savoury, but mostly like something that will be disappointing.  Let’s see now.

Noodle texture is soft but not slimey.  The flavour is extremely weak.

There is a mouthfeel of, well, oiliness.  Though very slight.  The aftertaste is salty.

Perhaps if there was some dried kimchi and other dried vegetables, and more interesting flavours, they’d be saved, but as is – these noodles are just rubbish.

Rating: Noodles 2/5, soup 2/5. Overall 4/10.

Nutrition Information
  Average per serving (115g)
Energy 2,137kJ
Protein 8g
Fat – Total 10g
– Saturated 8.9g
Carbohydrate 72g
– Sugars 5g
Sodium 2,040mg

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