Nong Shim – Potato Noodle Soup

Country: Korea.
Flavour: Beef. Two sachets: soup base (beef, onion, cabbage, red pepper, black pepper, garlic, ginger, capsicum); dried vegetables (onion, mushroom, green onion, garlic, red pepper).
Size: 117g.
From: Kim’s Korean Supermarket.
Price: $1.20.

Slightly larger than some of the normal super market brands, weighing in at 117g.

Unlike many of the other Nong Shim noodles, the noodle cake is rectangular rather than round. The packet also contains a sachet of dry soup mix, and a sachet of dried vegetables (including onion, mushroom, green onion, garlic and red pepper).

Preperation involves simply immersing the noodle cake in 550ml of boiling water, along with the sachet contents, for just a few minutes, either sitting in a bowl, or boiling on a stove will work just fine.

The noodle soup ends up a weak yellowish brown. Flavour is savoury, slightly beefy, with a hint of spiciness. Delicious.

The noodles are a little strange. They’re made, at least partially, from potatoes – potato starch and potato flour – in addition to a bit of conventional wheat flour and such. I guess it’s this that imparts the slightly slimy feel, and makes them really quite chewey. The sliminess isn’t unpleasant, the chewiness is fine.

These very slightly unusual noodles are actually very nice, the spiciness works great, the texture of the noodles is different but good – oh, and the noodles actually seem to pick up some of the flavour, rather than just being coated by it as seems to be the case with many more conventional noodles. The soup is really delicious, with the dried vegetables contributing to a really wholesome and moreish flavour.

Rating: noodles 3.5/5, soup 4/5. Overall 7.5/10.

Nutrition Information
  Average per serving (132g)
Energy 2,010kJ
Protein 12g
Fat – Total 16g
– Saturated 8g
Carbohydrate 70g
– Sugars <2g

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