Nong Shim – Chajang Myun

Nong Shim - Chajang Myun

Country: Korea.
Flavour: Chajang Myun.
Size: 140g.
From: Gift
Price: $0.00.

Same (or very similar) noodle cake as in the Nong Shim Kimchi Ramen, which is to say the cake is round and lovely smelling when it comes out of the packet.

These ones are served drained, which is a shame ‘cos I love the soup on good noodles.

The powder sachet contains a lot of very dark brown stock powder, when it hits the drained noodles it looks like dirt.  After addition of the dried vegetables (technically the veges are meant to be in the boiling water with the noodles, but I couldn’t be bothered going through the extra draining rigmarole that would entail) and the olive oil sachet, they mix quite thick.  The powder doesn’t dissolve well, and instead forms a sort of cruchy-paste that adheres to the noodles.

The aroma of this is savoury but with a strong overtone of burntness.

Flavour is much more subtle than the colour would tend to indicate, a bit salty and there is a definite sense of something being burnt.  But there’s no particular flavour I can identify…  Maybe blackbean sauce?  Even so, they’re pleasant enough and perhaps even a little moreish.

Rating: Noodles 3/5, soup 3/5. Overall 6/10.

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