Speight’s Porter

Another lovely brew from your old mate Speight’s. I remember at school people who drank Speight’s were for some reason ridiculed, I don’t recall any of the same ridicule for drinkers of Lion Red, I don’t know why it was around this way. Speight’s have always brewed pretty damn good beers – one of my favourites being Speight’s Old Dark.

Recently (okay, for a good few years now) they’ve started to enjoy increased popularity outside the ‘mainland’, and following this success they’ve released more varieties of beer, including a pilsener, but more to my liking from the new lineup is a very stout indeed porter.

It’s a big brute of a beer, deep brown, with a light brownish head, but the big deal isn’t the look, it’s the flavour, and it delivers in full. With a big strong, roasted malt, almost a hint of coffee in there, and a bit of chocolate malt in the mix adds a predictable something.

It isn’t as much of an every day beer as Old Dark could be (though I don’t drink every day by any means), but it is a great one to have in the fridge for when you feel like something interesting.

I’m certain it won’t be to everyone’s taste, but I’m sure you’ve gathered that I like it.

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