Speight’s Distinction Ale

Another nicely crafted brew from my favourite southern men.

(Probably brewed in Auckland these days, but never mind.)

I kid! It’s actually brewed in Christchurch – which still isn’t the same as Dunedin, of course. But here’s another never mind.

Distinction was reintroduced to the market as a special promotion a couple of years ago, but sold so well that they’ve kept it on and made it a permanent member of the Speight’s ‘Craft Range’. It is increasingly obvious why.

Plain brown glass bottle, 330ml 5%ABV. Nice label, classically styled in sepia and maroon colours.

Nice scent on opening, with a malty warmth.

Pours a nice deep reddish brown.

Slightly caramel coloured head. Large bubbles in the foam leads to sustained lacing.

Excellent depth of flavour, burnt malty caramel.

Very nice, try it. It’s a nice easy step on the way up to the really strong stouty ales – or, you know, do what I did when I was eighteen and pop into Shakespeare Tavern to try a few of their ales & stouts. And then a few more.

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