DB Double Brown

DB Double BrownI mentioned to someone that I’d gotten some Double Brown, and was told that if I drank it I wasn’t allowed to be their friend any more.

I figure, a beer is just a beer, and a friend is forever. But I didn’t really like that girl anyway. So the beer won.

High hopes?.. No. I expect it to taste like the old school beers from the days of the 6 o’clock swill. This one isn’t in a jug though, it’s in a small (330ml, 4.0% ABV) red can. Label is as everyone who remembers Double Brown would remember. Ahh, obviously.

Another thing about the can, it’s got one of those ‘guzzle really fast’ wide mouths on it, I guess this means it’s mean to be skulled back, and followed by 11 of it’s friends, but I’m not sure. I’m certainly not prepared to drink a dozen of them to see if that’s what is really called for to enjoy the brew.

Nice dark colour, pleasant smell. Not as dark as a dark dark, but darker than an ordinary lager. Possibly why it’s called ‘double’ brown, huh? Very nice too look at. And I suppose that can be important. To some people. Or something.

Annoying head, too big. Even with a careful pour. And waiting while the head settles is boring if you just want to drink the damn thing.

Taste is also actually quite nice. There’s something almost creamy in there somewhere. It doesn’t have a strong flavour, but there’s certainly nothing offensive about. Definitely tastes like it’s been mass produced in a stainless steel vat, though. Though specifically what gives it that flavour is probably hard to define.

Tastes, in fact, like I could drink a lot of them. But my friends might laugh at me and call me names and throw their gay bottles of Stella Artois at me. Black balling bastards.

Oh, a side note, all the billboards and so on wanking on about how fucking Schubert and Michalangelo or whoever drank Stella Artois on account of how it’s hundreds and hundreds of years old have been lying to you, sucker. It was first brewed in the 1926, "since 1366" my arse!

Anyway, back to Double Brown, it’s nice.

That’s all, thanks to everyone who helped me review this beer, especially to my mum.

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