Kirin Ichiban

Kirin IchibanQuite dry – I prefer something a little sweeter – first impression was ‘this isn’t very nice’, and as I made it past the halfway mark it was more like ‘this isn’t very nice, but at least I’m still drinking it, right?’.

Appearance is golden and very clear with a clean white head which dissapears quickly, leaving just a thin ring of bubbles around the glass.

Flaming horse dragon thing on the label is weird.

Very distinct tea aftertaste. Very strange.

It seemed to be more enjoyable once it had warmed up a little, but it’s impossible to know if this is because I started drinking it when it was too cold – or if I was just starting to enjoy the effects of it’s claimed 5.5% ABV – without getting another bottle, and I’m not really prepared to do that for a beer that doesn’t suit my taste anyway.

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