Erdinger Dark

Erdinger DarkThe bottle alone was enough to elicit hoots of joy from me, I couldn’t say exactly why… It might have been the thick dark syrupy goodness, or it could have been the way the label curled itself lovingly around the tall dark glass. Or perhaps I was just keen on a beer at the time.

I was also looking forward to pouring it into my very favourite beer glassware of the moment. It’s amazing: tall and curvy in a particularly appealing way (to me, at least).

Poured it out and enjoyed the super creamy mighty head, like a big glass of latte (perhaps a little colder than you’d usually like your latte served, though).

The flavour isn’t quite as warm, rich & mellow as I like in my dark beers, but it’s really terribly good nonetheless.

Erdinger Dark (in my new favourite glass)
My favourite beer glass.

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