Eku 28

Eku 28It turns out I’m a bit naughty… I actually got this one because of it’s alcohol content – 11% ABV – which is more like a wine than a beer.

Nice tall bottle. Brown glass. Black, red, gold & silver label. But who cares.

Interesting yellowish head… It smells like the juice you get in jars of black olives (which, incidentally, I once made myself quite queasy drinking). Very deep colour, Almost red.

Almost delicious, but.

It has somewhat of an astringent feel, sharp… Very sweet. Can definitely taste the alcohol.

The but, is the hint of home-brew flavour in there somewhere… Not sure how that got in.

This is one weird fucker of a beer. Big big big taste. But, missing the mark. It’s so close to delicious that it’s scratching my brain with frustration, like my mouth wants to tell me it’s great, but knows it would be lying, because it’s really not.

Maybe the alcohol is threatening to embalm my tongue, but it is trying to send me secret messages in the one phone call it was allowed, to prove it was alive, and assure its kidnappers that I’d pay the ransom.

Thankfully the ransom is to drink the rest… All done… Why is my tongue still feeling threatened?.. Oh dear, here comes the alcohol.



Update – several minutes later…

[00:24] <m0nk3y> Ugh.
[00:25] <m0nk3y> It’s awful. It’s getting worse with every passing moment.
[00:25] <m0nk3y> The flavour.
[00:25] <m0nk3y> It’s smashing me in the head like a brick.
[00:25] <m0nk3y> Not a nice gold brick, either.
[00:25] <m0nk3y> A fucking nasty old red brick…
[00:25] <m0nk3y> That was a wall in a dodgey metal works for 80 years, then got smashed down, and cleaned up…
[00:25] <m0nk3y> Then put in a sock…
[00:25] <m0nk3y> Which was swung around someone’s head…
[00:26] <m0nk3y> Then slammed (tastefully) into the side of my noggin.
[00:26] * m0nk3y has another gulp…
[00:26] <m0nk3y> God, how can I do this to myself.
[00:28] <m0nk3y> God damnit, I’ve got another third of a glass to go.

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