Wells Bombardier Premium Bitter

Wells Bombardier Premium BitterI don’t drink a lot of English beers, and who can say why? Possibly because it costs the same as brews which more closely match my taste, or maybe it’s because of this funny niggling problem I have with the English, whatever it is, I hadn’t had Bombardier prior to this tasting.

It has a nice bottle, unusual shape, plain brown glass, small label featuring St George’s Cross prominently, including on a coat of arms flanked by lions and what looks like ears of barley.

Unusual size of bottle for NZ at 568mls – being an imperial pint – and 5.5% ABV. (Thankfully I have some exceptionally nice glassware that fits it just right – thanks Dale.)

Anyway, pours nice and dark with a big head. Very mild, nice, warm, malty, sweet.

Really a very good bitter.

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