Tetley’s English Ale

Tetley's English AleYum. Little Red gave me a pack of these as a special present, and a good looking and well received one it was, too. Good looking big can (440ml). I like the new take evident in the ‘old style’ of the graphics.

It’s one of the few brews that has been blessed with a widget (like Guiness and Kilkenny) that does that little ‘ssshhhhh’ thing when you pop the top, and makes it nice and creamy… So when you pour it out into your glass (nice and careful now, down the side it slides) it forms into a creamy chocolatey looking thing – look close at the bubbles and you’ll notice they float downwards which is very nice indeed.

The creaminess clears up leaving an incredibly solid head… Tastes as creamy as it looks… Right to the last drop.

It’s delicious, it has an edge and a nice taste of toasted malt, sweet, yum.

Give me another…

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