Marston’s Oyster Stout

Marston's Oyster StoutHooray for free beer. A gift for Christmas from Claire’s younger brother Dale.

Big (500ml) brown glass bottle, pours out thick and very dark, almost impenetrable to light, and practically gloopy on the pour developing a big caramel coloured head.

I’ve never had a ‘real’ oyster ale, and this isn’t one either, ‘cos unlike some Oyster Ale’s this one doesn’t actually contain any, which is probably a good thing, frankly. I don’t generally fancy oysters, and in my beer is probably one of my favourite places to not have them.

The nose is a lovely maltiness.

Flavour is on the toasted chocolatey malt side, with a strong quite deep flavour, very very creamy. Aftertaste is slightly less lovely, with a hint of the burnt chocolate. (I prefer a warmer sweeter malt flavour to follow, but there you go.)

Arrrrr, but I do like a nice stout, to be sure.

Don’t drink it too cold!

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