Marston’s Owd Roger

Give me an A! Give me an L! Give me an E!

w00t for dark strong bïrs.

Medium size (500ml) brown glass, 7.6%ABV.

Nose has a little hint of homebrew on opening, like it wasn’t properly filtered on bottling. Makes me think of friendly yeasts that would have been put to better use producing even more alcamahol that they did (7.6% ain’t bad for a normal brew, after all, though it is of course possible to get well over double that if you’re prepared to forsake traditionality by using strange yeasts.)

Caramel head, leaves a strong thick lace with big islands.

Flavour is strong and rich, with banana overtones and a meaty, almost haminess. With a malty sweetness and great depth. Short term aftertaste is a bit bitter, maybe lemon pith bitterness.

All in all, really a very solid beer with great complexity.

If you drink it too cold you won’t get any of the fruity complexity.

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