Discourse Studio 1

Tonight I’m getting the band back together.

Since Discourse has been on hiatus I’ve moved to a standing desk (the desk here is around my navel height), I don’t know how this will affect the show, or if it will affect it at all. Maybe my voice will sound different? Maybe I’ll be more impatient?

Regardless, the show is going to be a train wreck, we’re doing it live, and once again doing it with streaming video. But I’ve set things up to be a bit more flash than last time we did that (though still not nearly as flash as the Election Show, which was ridiculously flash), with clever video switching, multiple video angles in the studio, Skype co-hosts calling in, and interacting with whatever audience is left following the break, who will be heckling us from the chat room.

It’s all very exciting, you know. I hope you can make it.