Creepy Robots.

General, Reckons


How incredibly creepy is its movement around the 1:29 mark? Is far too much like a real animal struggling on the ice. If you watch any of these vids, let it be BigDog. This thing is amazing.


I love the LittleDog. I want one.


BigDog Beta

Not creepy but pretty cool, autonomous mini quadrocopter, automatically follows its own miniature roving aircraft carrier around.

HexaCopter, neither creepy nor autonomous, and this video is far too long, but the chopper is just friggin’ incredible.

Incredibly creepy crawling business man robot.

Robot that is apparently designed to be nothing but creepy.

Probably because this guy was involved, he’s a pro when it comes to building creepy robots. Welcome to the uncanny valley.

(That one is particularly interesting because, as well as being creepy, it seems to be more realistic the closer you look.)