A Modest Proposal

So we all know that ACTA is being negotiated in secret, against our wishes, and directly opposed to the normal transparent democratic process as carried out in New Zealand.

We also have reason to believe (though due to the highly offensive secrecy, no firm proof) that there are provisions in the Treaty that will completely shaft our ISPs by forcing them to police their own customers, something they’re entirely unqualified to do, and something that requires the deployment of technologies that have been proven to be unreliable at best, and to cause damage to the network as well (by forcing slower throughput rates on EVERYONE, regardless of what they’re doing online).

And that they’re going to fuck the public of New Zealand by reintroducing a guilt upon accusation law. Directly contrary to the wishes of the public, as demonstrated in the mass online and in person protests not long ago.

My proposal is that the ISPs of New Zealand fuck them back.

My proposal is that we make a list of all MED (and other government department, and any private parties) staff involved in these highly offensive negotiations, and blacklist them from service.

Let’s see how they feel about losing their internet connections, their access to news, family contact, local & central government services, online bill paying & banking, and so on.

I don’t think they’ll like it one little bit.

Just an idea.