Townhall Lightshow

Surely everyone in Auckland has seen these – and half of them took their own photos – but I happened past the townhall lightshow before it was packed up, and here it is. Bit annoying that it takes a horrid corporate to bring this kind of thing to Auckland – I only wish that our city fathers had enough of a love of art (and good public things) to try things like this just because they make a place feel good. But Telecom it had to be.


Lollyshop townhall. Impossibly delicious, and definitely my favourite.


Townhall lighthouse. Nicely animated, with the waves visible at the base lapping and splashing against the columns, and bright pulsing light in the belvedere.


Most people in my group called it ‘the Matrix one’ – which is of course right. But for some reason I thought of it as the Wall Street one. It seemed so very financial – being all jumbled numbers in columns, unlike the Matrix animatic which was all undecipherable pictograms. Nice colours.


I don’t know what this represents, but feel like it must have something to do with Christchurch, the messed up perspective bit on the clocktower makes me think of the square in the art centre. Don’t ask why. I couldn’t tell you. It’ll turn out to be something incredibly bleeding obvious. (Feel free to tell me what I missed.)

2 thoughts on “Townhall Lightshow

  1. Here’s something you might have missed – the silhouetted cat tramping along behind the windows. And I’m afraid we also have to thank Telecom for the beautiful tree in Victoria Park at Christmas, that you could lie underneath on beanbags thoughtfully provided. Just think of it as their pro bono to us, and thank God that somebody there has a sense of fun.

  2. The Wall Street one reminds me a bit of the NZX building in Wellington, with the LED ticker artfully and practically snaking around the building.

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