Chrome, Glorious Chrome

Chrome Quicktime tab crash

I’m increasingly besotted by Google Chrome – I’m using it almost exclusively at home now, and about 50% of the time at work.

One of the many reasons to like it is the way it handles tabs, each one is it’s own thread, so if a plugin goes spack, only the tab the plugin was running in is taken down – see the grab, a moment later I got an IM in the Gmail tab, and hitting reload on the crashed tab brought Quicktime back immediately too. In Firefox or IE, the whole browser would have been taken down.

Of course it’s only happened once, and it’s not like it’s a giant chore, to restart a browser, but everything that makes things better makes things better.

Other reasons to love Chrome, aside from the delightfully simple UI, blazing fast speed, and brilliant stability? Well you don’t really need any. But…

I really love the way tabs work. Playing a video in one tab and want to read your feeds? No worries, drag the video tab away from the window, it forms it’s own new browser window, and continues without so much as a pause. Want to bring it back? Drag it back, it’ll smoothly remerge back into your browser window. Again without so much as a stutter of the video playback.

God it’s just so good.

And no surprises that it was Quicktime that tried to take my browser down, it seems from the outside that Apple only “make” good software when they take other people’s (usually opensource) projects and rebrand them. (See: BSD. Webkit. The computer mouse. The GUI.)