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I was visited in the night by a quiet little friend.

Little is relative, of course, and this size of moth is only really little when being compared to an albatross. So, really friggin’ huge for a moth – about as wide as the palm of my hand, but she looked even larger because of the scary part.

Wait, scary part?

Well, no of course not, this is a moth we’re talking about. So let’s call it the odd part instead: her legs. It looked not entirely unlike a spider using a moth as a glider.

The Moth's Under-carriage

If spiders ever figure that out… Let’s just say I might have to start killing them. Or maybe myself. Whatever happens though – when the spiders start flying? The killing begins.

2 thoughts on “Mothra!

  1. Eww eww eww. I have an intense fear of moths as it is – I swear they sit on the outside of the windows and look in at me, baring their fangs and snarling.
    I would have completely freaked out if that gigantic thing was anywhere near me.

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