Screw by Morgan Nichol, acrylic & enamel, 2009.

I’ve been working on a painting lately – one that I’m pretending to find quite scary – anyway, (let’s say) I needed to escape it for a while. Conveniently I’ve been thinking about producing a few quick works of some of the various profile icons I’ve used around the place. This really wasn’t how it was meant to come out.

Not every piece can be a good one, I guess.

Acrylic & enamel on canvas.

2 thoughts on “Screw

  1. Oh hmmmmmm I kinda like it.

    Does this mean I have bad taste?

    Well if having a tiger patterned mink blanket and pictures of unicorns and dolphins everywhere is bad taste then I just don’t want to have good taste.

    Should I take my crystal wind-chimes down?

    But really I do like it.

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