How’s your colour vision?

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I’ve been thinking about eyesight a lot lately – I’ve been slowly ramping up my contact lens wear, it’s a bit of a bear, but I want to be able to do things like… buy sunglasses that cost less than $600, wear ski goggles that don’t need to be ordered from the states (and have an ugly extra set of lenses shoehorned in), and just generally avoid dealing with the daily trials of spectacle wear.  Trials which aren’t too tough to be honest, but the attraction of having lenses I can stick in my eyes and just forget about for a month is very strong.

So when Darren posted a link on his tumblr to a colour vision “IQ” test, I was already primed for keeness.  I already knew my colour vision was very good – my optometrist has tested it, but that raft of tests is much more gross than this one.  And now I know that my colour vision, like Darren’s, is perfect.

It’s a quick test, and it’s fun to feel your eyes as they start scrabbling for purchase while you’re sorting the colour chips – a feeling most pronounced for me on the top row – so if you have a couple of minutes you should give it a go.

2 thoughts on “How’s your colour vision?

  1. I got 30 and did worse on the darker greens.

    Also, you should look at getting Lasik. It’ll change your life.

  2. Yeah I have, I’m not excited about it to be honest. I’m only a candidate in one eye, and given that it is my easiest to correct eye, I don’t want to risk it – even if the technique is pretty solid now. I’m happy to give it a few years more.

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